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Lata Mangeshkar for Maestro Ilayaraja (YouTube Playlist)

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Lata Mangeshkar for Maestro Ilayaraja (YouTube Playlist) Empty Lata Mangeshkar for Maestro Ilayaraja (YouTube Playlist)

Post  BC Tue Feb 08, 2022 2:25 am

Lata Mangeshkar - one amongst the few of the FINEST-ever VOICES of India.

Lata about IR: "I have had the privilege and pleasure of singing some Tamil songs for him in the films Anand and Sathya. Then I got to sing a Hindi song for Ilaiyaraja in a film that Raj Kumar Santoshi directed. His compositions are pure genius. Mastering the nuances of the Tamil language was not as difficult as being able to sing the way he wanted me to. He challenged my vocals like Salil Chowdhary and my brother Hridaynath Mangeshkar’s compositions. His compositions are catchy. But the singer knows how complex and layered his songs are. Such a simple man and with such unfathomable depths  of talent. Ilaiyarajaji deserves the biggest honours and recognition.”

She has recorded 7 songs of IR.  Though less in number, all are stellar compositions.  Here is my YouTube Playlist of the same.

Lata's songs for IR:
1. Aaraaro aaraaro - Anand (1987) - Superhit.

2. Valaiyosai - Sathya (1988) - Evergreen, crazy superhit.

3. Ingeyum angeyum - Sathya (1988) - Un-picturized song!

4. Engirundho azhaikkum - En Jeevan Paadudhu (1988) - Superhit.

5.  Inge PonveeNai - KaNNukoru VaNNakkiLi (1991) - Not popular but a great song.

6. Tella cheeraku - Aakhari POrattaam (1988) - Telugu - Superhit.

7. Kaun dagar - Lajja (2001) - Hindi - Not popular but a beautiful composition.


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