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KisKis - Dis Ineterted guys pls skip!

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KisKis - Dis Ineterted guys pls skip!  Empty KisKis - Dis Ineterted guys pls skip!

Post  Sakalakala Vallavar Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:48 pm

Thanks to annan(thambi?!) ajay basker!

Eththan shootingla andha heroine'ai konjam thodakkoodadha idangalla thottutaaram. Heroine's caretakers complained to the producer and he warned Vimal it seems. The guy also allegedly had a link with Oviya which has caused a rift in his family.

Many Stella Maris girls get their purses filled - thanks to Vaibhav. 100% authentic news. Smile

That smiling princess is still available in the market. Only difference is the driver has changed. This time it's her hubby.. 100% A.N

Driver!!! Car Driver no, not Screw Driver?!? Wink)) But rate increase aagi irukkum!! தம்பி, can we go back to kiskis?! யாம் பெற்ற இன்பம்!!

Will do. Few more matters to come this week. Will update the thread once for all.. Smile

Good looking boys participating in deer dance peacock dance have an extra duty too.. 'Kala'kalappa irukkonum. Otherwise out right reject

Sometimes Flower and Kalakalappu's younger sister may join the party too. EKSI?

உவ்வேக்! இதுக்கு பேசாம தற்கொலை பண்ணிக்கலாம். இதேபோல்தான் fruitlanguage - aari nadigar, உவ்வேக் of the decade nga!

Same feeling here. Poor aan varkkam

A friend's brother joined her dance troupe. He couldn't tolerate the torture. Got psychologically affected. Now being treated.
Sakalakala Vallavar
Sakalakala Vallavar

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KisKis - Dis Ineterted guys pls skip!  Empty Re: KisKis - Dis Ineterted guys pls skip!

Post  plum Sun Mar 31, 2013 4:56 pm

sakala - just want to inform you that we'll move this to Member's Lounge tonight. maththabadi tabloid journalisthin modhO supporter nAn dhAn Smile


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