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Post  V_S Thu Mar 02, 2017 7:22 am

I recently watched Tanu weds Manu (2011). I watched this movie earlier, or at-least parts of it, but didn't concentrate much because of constant chatting with guests and relatives. I kept this movie in a "pending" state to be watched with no distractions. Last weekend I had that opportunity. Having watched Tanu weds Manu returns sometime back, I wanted to revisit this movie big time. Really a wonderful movie. Since the movie title itself breaks the silence or we know the end already, we need not worry about the ending, rather just go with the tide on how it carries us (since we know where it carries us), which makes an interesting watch. Kangana as usual at her very best, she is at very ease whenever she gets meat role like this. Her expressions are priceless, notwithstanding some over expressions. Madhavan, not say had to underplay, but played perfectly and with dignity. The romance in the movie is nothing but brilliant. Director Anand L. Rai knows the knack to script this script into a poetry. The supporting cast is even more engaging and has developed each one of them as the pillar of strength of the movie. Excellent cast!

I'll try to keep it short and got directly to music. For these kind of romantic dramas, music has to steal the show. Music has to underline the script. Through music we have to listen to the joy and pain of lovers. In a way, this film did that, especially through songs. Krsna did the songs only (as Kuly RDB is credited for the score). As nowadays score is not considered important, most music directors shy away from doing it as they know it would not garner them any merit. We heavy heart and frustration, I have to say we have to live with this limitations.

All songs are nicely done. Sadi Gali (Kajra Mohabbat Wala) is a throw-back to yesteryears. There are couple of songs which is becoming my all time favorites. Already listening to these ones daily now.

First on the list is hey rangrez mere. Good thing about this video is it comes with the dialogues as well (without cutting), so that we can absorb what's going on. Sung by Wadali Brothers. Deep voice, we can hear the pain of Mannu. The song situation is the highlight. He is out with her to purchase marriage saree for her lover, but he is not the groom. He has to hide the shock and disappointment, yet he has to be normal. She realizes that as well. A scene before this scene, Mannu conveys his love and affection to her indirectly. Her "first" flash of love. There is not much "external" talk is going on between them, but both of them are talking to each other through their minds. Mannu's heart is pouring out all sorts of pain and past good time reminiscence. The lyrics and tune especially in charaNam discloses that it goes beyond any boundary, the heart could not hold all he thinks, the result shows up in his face. Tanu on the other hand, even though she realizes how good Mannu is, she cannot escape/renounce her current relationship, but she is also in a dilemma, may be just waiting for a chance to come out of current relationship. Meanwhile she tries to keep him happy by engaging him in saree selections and eye-to-eye emotions. Every frame of the visual is a poetry. The starting sarangi when Mannu calls her to the starting of the vocals, every frame, I adore it. The shehnai with the sarangi is even more mesmerizing. We can not only get the whole mood, we can also get the whole Punjabi milieu in the voice of Wadali brothers (there is another version by Krsna himself) and the way the tune flows and the way they sing with passion and heart.

The best part of the song is when Tanu suddenly imagines a moment as a night and raining (when it is actually a day). Wonderfully conceived scene by the director and cinematographer. Director implying through rain that, with Mannu, Tanu would feel much better and the life would be joyful. When Mannu is far, the day comes back implying the dryness in her life. Her second "flash" of love. The song may not be sweet in charaNam compared to pallavi, but it does what it should on screen. One of the best shot scene of the movie, especially these kind of thinking and ideas, is mostly associated with South films.

piya na rahe maan basiya. Sung by Roop Kumar Rathod. Another stunning song! This song comes at different times (in parts). The following video gets all of those scenes in a single video. The best part is the song starts subtly in a lighter/casual setting when Mannu goes to seek brides, but it turns out be a heart-breaking one when he gets associated with Tanu. A beautiful and rare example (especially in today's music scene) of showcasing different moods in the same song. Again visuals take the top honors and it totally in sync with the mood and the movie.

Full song here: (but visuals out of sync, these are not the visuals of the song, except for few frames)

yun hi (kitne dafe dil ne kaha). There is again a full version of this song. Mohit Chauhan's baritone voice instantly captured me.  A stylish, elegant, gorgeous and trendy song, but it beautifully meanders mostly in Hindustani classical style (except it deviates to western in second interlude), great for a dating song. Visuals again and actors expressions is icing on the cake (the latter part of the visuals is not for this song). Hear the tune, so lovely. It always good to hear tabla. I can go on listening to it continuously, it won't tire me.

These are the songs I like very much. It has almost everything I am looking for in a film song. The best part was, it did not (much) deviate from milieu given and dwells strongly on our tradition of music. The tunes are wonderfully carved out without being plain, bland and naive. It has the required depth, emotions and convey the mood of the character every time. The visuals take it further. What else we need!

Fabulous deput by Krsna the clap the clap the clap

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