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Thoughts on Maestro's music app

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Thoughts on Maestro's music app Empty Thoughts on Maestro's music app

Post  Basheer Sat Oct 16, 2021 9:37 am

Hey folks,

Just wanted to start a thread discussing about the Maestro's music app. If people haven't tried it yet, its called Maestro's music on the app store both Android and iOS.

The app had songs of such high quality that made me feel like I was listening to the songs for the first time. It was of such impeccable quality, especially my favorites "Valaiosai", "Raaja Rajathi" from Agni Natchathiram, which made me appreciate the composition and the beautiful mind of Raja sir more. Listening to it on headphones almost made me cry (not kidding) cause it was so beautiful.

Though the app had its faults, like you cannot listen to more than a few minutes without buying a subscription, extremely buggy, it was my go to place to listen to any of Raja sir's songs. Sadly it seems like the app is being sunset and I am not able to renew any of my subscription plans Sad I have tried various platforms like Youtube music, spotify, few CDs and others which do not have the same quality of the songs. And I just can't stop feeling like I am losing something so close to me.

I believe there might be other people who feel like this. What are your thoughts on the app? Is there any other place or CDs that have the same quality of songs.


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