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Post  crimson king Sat May 28, 2016 5:29 pm

I am not normally very much into Broadway singers though I do admire their talents and appreciate their signature songs, like Streisand on Cry Me A River or Ruthie Henshall's take of I Dreamed A Dream.  But Linda Eder is an incredible singer who to some extent transcends the limitations of Broadway singing.  

Her signature song would have to be Someone Like You (NOT the Adele song by the same name):

Bring On The Men is a bit of a tough swallow for my taste (sounds too old fashioned), but the stretch from 5:12 to 5:30 is incredible, to put it mildly.

I am still in the process of discovering her best songs etc (would have got much further by now had I not found it so hard to just stop listening to Someone Like You and move on).  But so far, A New Life, I'll Forget You, Vienna also sound great.  I think Linda Eder is one of those singers who is so good it doesn't matter what your favourite genres are; you can still respect her talent.  Her great 'belting' technique, clear diction and imaginative phrasing are qualities that would be useful in any genre of music.  If you haven't listened to her before, I would strongly recommend.  If you have, then can I please have more recommendations?  Razz

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