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Translating IR songs into English

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Translating IR songs into English Empty Translating IR songs into English

Post  app_engine Fri Jan 09, 2015 9:32 pm

Don't worry - this won't be another series by me Laughing

I've just seen this comment on a youtube :

soon ving Yip wrote:
hi there. im a chinese and im currently learning tamil.
my lecturer has asked our class to sing a tamil song. so, after google-ing, i found this song and i like it very much.
ANYONE HERE CAN LEND ME A HAND? anyone here can help me translate the lyrics into english ? please.
thank you!

The song in question is 'satRu munbu' of NEPV. 

Is there any blog / website that does this translation service for TFM (or IR songs)?

What about some of us attempting to do a few top songs (that have decent lyrics)...

It need not "fit to the tune" but just plain translation...


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