Counting TFM hits of IR - now @546 and 1983 is done

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Re: Counting TFM hits of IR - now @546 and 1983 is done

Post  app_engine on Fri Oct 21, 2016 6:18 pm

Question to experts:

Is the first saraNam of that uruginEn song completely "ArOhaNam" only (like kalaivANiyE which got highlighted for that aspect) or something similar in musical terms...

Looks like IR does leave it high in the end of each of the lines (thus leaving the "tension" and not resolving it with a descending note)...which may explain why I get somewhat dissatisfied with that saraNam Embarassed 

I may be wrong, please confirm Embarassed


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Re: Counting TFM hits of IR - now @546 and 1983 is done

Post  app_engine on Fri Oct 21, 2016 10:27 pm

1983 Super Hits Part 1 installment a

Let me get started with the next year's super hits. The year when Sivaji Ganesan himself came back to IR, ditching TMS Smile 
(Effectively ending any big-hero avoiding IR any more). veLLai rOjA had MV singing for NT and both the songs and movie became a big hit. Well, let me go in the usual order (from the spreadsheet) and not meander...enough digression done already with that uruginEn uruginEn Smile

#467  aLLi vachcha malligaiyE (PS-Krishnachandar duet, inimai idhO idhO)
Quite popular with all the channels of that time, even though from a practically unknown movie

#468 ponvAnam panneer thoovudhu innEram (SJ solo, inRu nee nALai nAn)
What a song! Popular to this day! As violin Vicky says, the best misra chApu of them all Smile

#469 mottu vitta mullakkodi (SPS-SJ duet, inRu nee nALai nAn)
The movie had an interesting story line, from a novel that appeared for the first time in mAlaimadhi (Kumudam publication) that I read when it came out Embarassed  I've never seen the movie ; going by the song visuals and the fact that Major Sundarrajan was the director, it should have been an awful experience for me had I attempted it Embarassed However, it was a BO hit and songs were a big plus - including this female duet.

#470 thAzhampoovE kaNNuRangu (UR-SJ-SPB, trio song, inRu nee nALai nAn)
Discussed in the SPB-IR thread and later on the VM thread Embarassed Frequently heard on radio and buses those days, as well as private recordings

#471 thalaiyai kuniyum thAmaraiyE (S Rajeswari - SPB duet, oru Odai nadhiyAgiRadhu)
Terrific song that was part of the next IR-Sridhar album. Though the songs were popular, they never had the reach of the prior three albums IR did for Sridhar (IO / AUA / NN). IIRC, this is IR's second reethi gowLai hit (after chinnakkaNNan azhaikkiRAn)...please correct me if there was another in-between

#472 thenRal ennai muththamittadhu (BSS-Krishnachandar duet, oru Odai nadhiyAgiRadhu)
Per my observation, the most popular song of that album. Frequently heard in all available media those days. However, as mentioned above not as popular as IO/AUA/NN songs.

#473 oru kiLi urugudhu urimaiyil pazhagudhu O mainA mainA (SPS-SJ duet, Anandhakkummi)
Bombay recording, IR was the producer. Recently GA told on TV that it was the same band that played for RDB that played for IR in this album

#474 oomai nenjin OsaigaL kAdhil kELAdhO (SJ-SPB duet, Anandhakkummi)
May be this kind of phrases were used earlier also but it was undoubtedly oru thalai rAgam (and TR) who popularized such usage in a big way - starting from "kuzhandhai pAdum thAlAttu" Laughing

#475 O veNNilAvE vA Odi vA (SPS-SJ-SPB trio song, Anandhakkummi)
Possibly it was only the thogaiyaRA that SPS did, can't recall. Anyways, the song was patti-thotti popular, even though from a flop movie with unknown leads

#476 kAttu vazhi pORa poNNE kavalappadAdhE (IR solo, malaiyoor mambattiyAn)
The movie was a blockbuster and the songs were big hits as well. One heard this on all channels those days!

#477 chinnappoNNu sEla sheNbagappoo pOla (SJ-IR duet, malaiyoor mambattiyAn)
Lovely song and extremely popular! Of course, evergreen Smile

#478 veLLarikkA pinju onnu (SPS-GA duet with chorus, malaiyoor mambattiyAn)
I think GA did thogaiyaRA only. This was another patti thotti hit from that movie.

#479 Aduthadi Aduthadi (SPS-MV duet with chorus, malaiyoor mambattiyAn)
Patti-thotti hit with all the typical folk stuff (urumi etc) by IR.

#480 pEsakkoodAdhu (PS-SPB duet, aduththa vArisu)
The song needs no introduction Smile  It was an Embarassed moment for me in theater to see Silukku for this song (rather than Sridevi)

#481 vA rAsA vandhu pAru (SJ solo, aduththa vArisu)
dappAnguththu hit song from an otherwise sophisticated and stylish album Smile

#482 vAzhga rANi vAzhga rAjAngam (SPS-SJ duet with chorus, aduththa vArisu)
Inimitable IR orch, superbly in display here

#483 kAviriyE kavikkuyilE kaNmaNiyE vA vA (SJ-SPB duet, aduththa vArisu)
Extremely popular song by the top duet singer pair, featuring Rajini-Sridevi on screen

#484 Asai nooRu vagai vAzhvil nooRu suvai vA (MV solo, aduththa vArisu)
Terrific song, popular to this day (I guess it had a remix in the new millennium by another MD)

#485 yEnaiyyA ABC ellAmE nee vAsi (SJ solo, aduththa vArisu)
Possibly the least popular from that album - however, this too enjoyed a lot of air time when it arrived. The whole album was a big hit in its time!

Will continue with albums that were even more popular, in the next installment Smile


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Re: Counting TFM hits of IR - now @546 and 1983 is done

Post  app_engine on Wed Nov 02, 2016 7:33 pm

1983 Super Hits Part 1 Installment b

#486 antharangam yAvumE solvadhenRAl pAvamE (SPB solo, Ayiram nilavE vA)
Advertised as IR's 200th film. The album was a big success but the movie wasn't. This song has that irritating 'epdi-epdi' Embarassed

#487 oottikkuLiru ammAdi (SPS-MV duet, Ayiram nilavE vA)
Frequently played in tea shops / buses / recording centers. I'm not sure whether AIR approved this or not Smile

#488 dEvadhai iLam dEvi (SPB solo, Ayiram nilavE vA)
Terrific orchestration / interludes but the ooLai sound made it irritating. Of course the song was extremely popular.

#489 veLakku vachcha nEraththula mAman vandhAn (SJ-IR duet, mundhAnai mudichchu)
The biggest commercial hit for KBR in his career. The movie had claims of shattering all the previous BO records in TF prior (and one can never authenticate such claims as the data is never captured properly or transparent). Regardless, the songs were patti-thotti-citi hit and one was listening to them all the time from one source or other. This song was one of those "படத்தின் முதல் பாடலைப்பாட வைத்து அது நல்ல ராசி என்றார்கள்" business Laughing

#490  andhi varum nEram (SJ-SPB duet, mundhAnai mudichchu)
KBR doing school drillmaster stuff with some irritating sets typical those days. Superb song but video filming was a case of "குரங்கு கையில் பூமாலை"

#491 chinnanchiRu kiLiyE (SJ-SPB duet, mundhAnai mudichchu)
Terrific song and decently done on-screen also. Huge hit those days when such songs enjoyed equal public liking as fun ones

#492 nAn pudikkum mAppiLLai dhAn (SPS-SJ and some chorus, mundhAnai mudichchu)
Fun song and a portion gets repeated on-screen (தாப்பாளா அது எதுக்கு) for the ending scene with additional caption "சந்தோஷத்துக்கு" Wink KBR movies were full of matRa elements those days!

#493 kaNNaththoRakkaNum sAmi (SJ-MV duet, mundhAnai mudichchu)
Phenomenally popular song that included some mukkal-munagals by SJ. KBR is still referred to as 'murungakkAi' fellow and this song is for that scene

#494 vA vA vAththiyArE vA (SPS-MV duet, mundhAnai mudichchu)
KBR was fancying himself to be MGR-vArisu in the TF field those days (may be MGR himself told that way) and the 'vAththiyAr' reference was probably to boost that Laughing

#495 sevvandhippookkaLil seydha veedu (UR-DC duet, mellappEsungaL)
BR was the producer and Sandhanabharathy- P Vasu combo were the directors, after their earlier successful panneer pushpangaL. IR as usual gave nice songs for them but the movie didn't do that well IIRC. This song was a super hit, heard everywhere.

#496 manidhA manidhA (KJY solo, kaN sivandhAl maN sivakkum)
It was around this time period that some "red" things made commercial success in TF (sivappu malli was a VK film by AVM that tasted success those days, obviously with the red-eyes of him Laughing ) While this movie didn't make any mark, this song continues to be famous, to this day!

Let me stop here and post on those 1983 deepAvaLi hit songs in the next installment. That day was some sort of a record for IR himself (and obviously any MD)...


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Re: Counting TFM hits of IR - now @546 and 1983 is done

Post  app_engine on Tue Nov 08, 2016 12:59 am

1983 Super Hits Part 1 Installment c

As mentioned in the previous post, that year's deepAvaLi saw many releases by IR. What was special was the huge set of super hit songs / albums / movies that happened on a single day's release, which was some kind of a record / peak in IR's career (and may be that of any TFM MD).

Following are the highlights :

1. 4 hit movies released on a single day (thanga magan, veLLai rOjA, thoongAdhE thambi thoongAdhE, manaivi sollE mandhiram)
2. All top heroes had releases with IR as MD (Sivaji, Kamal, Rajini)
3. Almost all songs were superhits from those three movies as well as a couple from MSM - total super hit song count in one day : 17 Shocked
4. A number of those songs are popular to this day Smile

Well, let me list them here for quick reference, continuing our hit count.

#497 AththAdi adhisayam pArththAlE paravasam (UR-KJY duet, manaivi sollE mandhiram)
Years later KB made a movie with the name PP which bombed at BO. OTOH, this low-bud movie by Rama Narayanan with Mohan-Nalini-Pandiyan-Ilavarasi had a successful run. Two songs were super hits that got played everywhere and this was one. 

#498 mAnE mAnguyilE (SJ-MV duet, manaivi sollE mandhiram)
rAsA was / is a never ending source for innovative rhythm arrangements, combining a lot of usual and unusual rhythm instruments to provide unique concoctions that are so delicious. Yes, this song had one of those 100's and proved to be an easy winner. One should note that despite so many top-star albums coming out just around the same time, songs from this smaller movie became popular - power of IR

#499 rAththiryil pooththirukkum thAmarai thAn peNNO (SJ-SPB duet, thanga magan)
Sathya movies (MGR-RM Veerappan) made this movie and the director was A Jagannathan who did some with MGR before. When reading GA's recent story about a 1995 movie that IR refused to do for the same production company with the same hero (bAshA), I got reminded of the thanga magan album Wink  This is the song that Pulamaippiththan "confessed" as akkiramam by him (for the lewd stuff).

#500 machchAnappAradi machchamuLLa ALudi (VJ-SJ duet, thanga magan)
Of the three albums for top stars that got released that day with some 15 super hit songs, this was the lone song that VM could get as his share Laughing So, people often lamenting lack of VM as a combo for IR are simply fooling themselves and others! 

#501 vA vA pakkam vA (VJ-SPB, thanga magan)
The two note pallavi was such a big fav. for me and the drum / guitar work is as fresh today as it was when it arrived

#502 poomAlai oru pAvai Anadhu (SJ-SPB, thanga magan)
Magnum opus song of the album

#503 adukku malligai (SJ-SPB, thanga magan)
What a sweet song with all the fantastic "chemistry" between the singing pair! First line of the saraNam (mAmpoovE iLampoongAththE mArbOdu enaiththAlAttE) is one of the best ever themmAngu things that happened in TFM!

#504 vAnam keezhE vandhAl enna (SPB with chorus, thoongAthE thambi thoongAthE)
Magnum opus of this album Smile Fantastic orch, chorus (it has SJ as part of the kuzhuvinar I think) and the picturization was kind of interesting for that time period

#505 nAnAga nAnillai thAyE (Two versions, IR solo / SPB solo, thoongAthE thambi thoongAthE)
I think IR's was a "track version" but loved equally as the SPB one by most people. Melodious and sweet song that got played everywhere.

#506 ada rAmA nee namma kitta (SJ solo, thoongAthE thambi thoongAthE)
Some kuppai pAdal varigaL but the song was very popular nevertheless

#507 summA nikkAdheenga (SJ-SPB duet, thoongAthE thambi thoongAthE)
Sulakshana played the second heroine and was awarded this fun song. Well, she made the best use of it, if one goes by my hostel mates' commentary on the movie Wink

#508 varudhu varudhu vilagu vilagu (SJ-SPB duet, thoongAthE thambi thoongAthE)
What a variety in a single album! (People who talk about variety / genre / rhythm / racy this that later on should have listened to such commercial albums before)

#509 thoongAthE thambi thoongAthE (SPB solo, thoongAthE thambi thoongAthE)
Title song and it is possible AVM wanted IR to sing this too, after amman kOyil kezhakkAlE and veLakku vachcha nEraththula. For whatever reason, he chose SPB instead Smile The song was frequently heard on buses.

#510 O mAnE mAnE mAnE unnaiththAnE (SJ-SPB duet, veLLai rOjA)
Sivaji chose to let his son and Suresh do romancing / running around in this movie while doing more serious - senior kind of double role. Possibly with a view to getting Prabhu market share / popularity. This song had Prabhu Ambika and was one of the two rhythm specials in the album and a huge hit

#511 sOlaippoovil mAlaiththenRal (SJ-SPB duet, veLLai rOjA)
My fav of the album and the fantastic rhythm concoction / melody / terrific saraNam plus the singer pair - great in every way!

#512 dEvanin kOyililE yAvarum deepangaLE (MV with chorus, veLLai rOjA)
Officially ending the "embargo", NT came back to IR, with IR being the winner. (No compromise with TMS who either didn't meet IR's standards or allegedly maligned him in public in Srilanka)

#513 nAgooru pakkaththula nammaLOda pEtta (SPS-MV and chorus, veLLai rOjA)
Sivaji doing multiple vEshams in this movie and thoroughly enjoyed these two extreme kinds (church song / bhAi song) and both played often on loudspeakers

Well, the super hits of that year didn't end with this - we have some more to come!

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Re: Counting TFM hits of IR - now @546 and 1983 is done

Post  app_engine on Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:42 pm

1983 Super Hits (Part 1) Installment d

With this post, let us complete the remaining few super hit songs from that year and later talk about the "hit" songs Wink

#514 kALi dAsan kaNNadAsan kavidhai nee (PS-JC duet, soorakkOttai singakkutty)
The AVM film featuring Prabhu, using his ancestral place in the title - lot of promotion for him those days by the industry. They probably thought that he'll be taking his father's mantle but alas it was not going to be. Whatever, we had a terrific misra chApu from IR that was immensely popular those days on buses / teakkadais.

#515 geetham sangeetham nee dhAnE en kAdhal vEdham (SPS-SPB duet, kokkarakkO)
There is also a SPB-solo version and may be another sOga version but I liked only one version with some SPS lines. That was a popular one IIRC. I think Gangai Amaran was the director of this flop movie.

#516 mylapore pakkam mayilakkaNdEnE (MV solo, kokkarakkO)
Another hit song from that album that got played everywhere.

#517 vAn meedhilE adhikAlai nEra rAgam (SJ solo with chorus, rAgangaL mARuvadhillai)
Poor Sirumugai Ravi - had to leave that terrific iLamaikkAlangaL project after getting the tremendous isai mEdaiyil & pAda vandhadhO. This was possibly IR's "consolation album" for him and he did some terrific bass work for this number. 

#518 vizhigaL meenO mozhigaL thEnO (SPB solo, rAgangaL mARuvadhillai)
Nice song - gets featured on super singer kind of programs nowadays

#519 thenRalO theeyO theeNdiyadhu nAnO (SPB solo, rAgangaL mARuvadhillai)
Another sweet song from the LP record that was a regular on radio and other media those days.

#520 adhikAlai nEramE (SJ-SPB duet, meeNdum oru kAdhal kadhai)
Terrific song that is fondly remembered by many even years after! This was not part of my personal collection those days and heard only on radio / buses those days!

#521 sOlai pushpangaLE en sOgam sollungaLEn (PS-GA duet, oomai veyil - later used in ingEyum oru gangai)
The song became so popular via IOKS radio and private recordings even though the movie never got released. Manivannan - who was humble enough to call him "rAppichchai" when it came to getting songs from IR, bought this and the next song in our list and used for his hit movie with Murali as hero.

#522 vadakkuththeru vaNNakkiLi (PS-GA duet, oomai veyil - later used in ingEyum oru gangai)
While not as well-known as sOlai pushpangaLE in later years, it enjoyed very similar popularity with radio / recordings / buses etc at the time of arrival.

Super hits of 1983 done. Let me move on to "hits of 1983" in the next post.

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Re: Counting TFM hits of IR - now @546 and 1983 is done

Post  counterpoint on Thu Nov 17, 2016 8:32 pm

adhikaalai nerame is a great song. But did meendum oru kaadhal kadhai get released this early? I thought it was 1985 or so


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Re: Counting TFM hits of IR - now @546 and 1983 is done

Post  app_engine on Fri Nov 18, 2016 4:54 am

counterpoint wrote:adhikaalai nerame is a great song. But did meendum oru kaadhal kadhai get released this early? I thought it was 1985 or so

Per Anbu sir's spreadsheet, the audio release was in 1983. Yes, the film came (much) later but we're documenting here based on audio release timing Smile


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Re: Counting TFM hits of IR - now @546 and 1983 is done

Post  counterpoint on Fri Nov 18, 2016 1:08 pm

That sort of makes sense too. Because that song has that classic early 80s IR stamp. I always thought it felt a bit "older" than the time of the movie release.
Prathap mentioned this song specifically  in an interview of his I watched recently in one of the online cinema sites.

Sometimes chances are IR could have composed a song earlier but for whatever reason it was not used and he found  a latter-day film to use it.

do you have any such info for the song "ponni nadhi veLLam" by SPB from mudhal vasantham? the song sounds 3-4 yrs older than the film's release year in terms of the tune, orchestration etc.


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Re: Counting TFM hits of IR - now @546 and 1983 is done

Post  app_engine on Fri Nov 18, 2016 5:04 pm

Regarding "ponni nadhi", please look at my post in the IR-SPB thread of the hub :

a_e wrote:
#240 பொன்னி நதி 
(முதல் வசந்தம், 1986 , இது ராசா எப்போ போட்ட பாட்டு?)

groucho had asked about the real timing of this song sometime back. Since this is a lazy afternoon with everyone on siesta allowing me hub-time (here in my sis' home in upstate NY), tried to do some googling / careful listen etc. I have heard this song a few times on buses etc before but never paid a close listen like today. I'm more or less sure this must be from late 70's, sounding more GKV-ish (even MSV-ish) or north-indianish in orchestral arrangements. Definitely not the full-blown rAsA style of 1986 (one even hears bongos in the start of the saraNam - something very untypical of later-day-rAsA.)

 Ofcourse, the 'ARu athu Azham illa' of the same movie is his agmark later-80's style. So, it was tailor-made for the Manivannan movie without any doubt. (Per Sureshji's post on another thread, it was a special kind of inspiration from some old Hindi song). The MV song kuyilukkoru niRamirukku is likewise a definite 1986 product, going by the sounds of MV's voice. Same goes with SJ's summA thodavum mAttEn which appears to be tailor-made.

 However, as known from the history, Manivannan had the practice of "buying" songs from unreleased movies (the well-known numbers being sOlai pushpangaLE & vadakkuththeru vaNNakkiLi of 'oomai veyil' that were used for 'ingEyum oru gangai'). Going by that history, ponni nadhi must have been a bought out number, even though the source is still to be unearthed. SPB voice sounds 70's. Interestingly, the SJ number from the same movie mAnAdakkodi must also be a bought-out song from late-70's or early-80's from an unreleased movie as the song had orchestration from the 'muLLum malarum' 1978 era. You cannot judge from SJ's voice, however, as she was a master in hiding age for the most part of her career with IR (i.e. from 1976 to 1991).

 So, if someone who followed rAsA's unreleased outputs more closely and knows about the origin of ponni nadhi, please post  

I don't think anyone responded in that thread Smile


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Re: Counting TFM hits of IR - now @546 and 1983 is done

Post  app_engine on Wed Nov 23, 2016 10:47 pm

1983 Hits (Part 2)

Let me complete this year, cataloging the balance hit songs (which I can't call "super hits" with a patti thotti reach). These were pretty much frequent on buses / tea shops and some were favored by radio Smile

#523 aththai magan thangaththukku enna mayakkam (PS-MV duet, thangamadi thangam)
The movie is unknown to most of those who were in college those days (and thus can understand how it fared). However, this song was frequently on radio and got included in the cassette recordings of many as well

#524 kEttAlum kidaikkAdhammA (SJ-MV duet, sAttai illAdha pambaram)
Another less-known movie, likewise. However, the song was heard frequently involuntarily Wink

#525 nenjukkuL poo manjangaL nee itta nEram (SJ-SPB duet, sAttai illAdha pambaram)
Excellent song, IR's gift to this former asst of KBR. Quite popular with recording centers and its customers those days Smile

#526 ennammA kObam Enindha vEgam (SPB solo, veettula rAman veLiyila krishnan)
I think the movie was a remake from Telugu and so were the songs - it was a hit for Manivannan and this song was quite popular on radio and other media

#527 kanavu onRu thOnRudhE (SJ solo, oru Odai nadhiyAgiRadhu)
A personal favorite - had all the elements of becoming a super hit - the movie's dismal failure combined with too many other hit songs coming around the same time possibly affected this and the next number

#528 rAththirippozhudhu (SPS-PJ duet, oru Odai nadhiyAgiRadhu)
This album somehow missed the reach of the 3 prior albums IR did for Sreedhar or the later one TET. Once again, "crowded out" Smile

#529 nAn undhan sellakkutti (SPS solo, muthu engaL soththu)
Irritating album / songs. Unfortunately, they were pushed thru all channels by AVM and thus had a wider reach than many other deserving albums / songs

#530 neeyenna meesai vachcha poNNA (SJ-MV duet, muthu engaL soththu)
Ditto as the one above

#531 yArAru ennAnnu dhAn solvEndA kaNNA (SJ-PS-BSS group song, muthu engaL soththu)
Better of the lot from this album. Nevertheless didn't deserve to be a hit, IMHO

#532 thAmaraikkodi tharaiyil vandhadheppadi (SPB solo, Anandhakkummi)
Great song with that fantastic second interlude that can enter into IR's top ten! One can perhaps understand why I get frustrated about this song being listed only as a "hit" and not a super hit. Lesser songs (even from this album) became more popular at that time period. Crowd was one problem, being part of a kuppai flop movie could be another. However, this song enjoyed some radio time and private recordings by many.

#533 thiNdAdudhE reNdu kiLiyE (IR solo, Anandhakkummi)
Heard often on buses, tea shops and private recordings. Could not get the reach of 'oru kiLi urugudhu' and other super hits of the album

#534 gangai AtRil ninRu koNdu (PS solo, Ayiram nilavE vA)
Sweet song, could have become more popular if got placed in another movie or album

#535 kanni iLam poovudal (SJ solo, Ayiram nilavE vA)
Enjoyed some bus - teakkadai time but ditto comments like the song above

#536 kAdhal sAgAdhu jeevan pOgAdhu (SJ-MV duet, mellappEsungaL)
Was frequently on radio / buses. IIRC, first movie of Banupriya in Thamizh

#537 mAmimArE mAmanArE vAngu bOndA vadai (SPS-MV duet, manaivi sollE mandhiram)
Became popular because the movie was hit. Undeserved IMHO

#538 vAdi en poNdAtti nee dhAnE (SJ-GA duet with chorus, veLLai rOjA)
Another song which was heard by all because of being part of a hit album / movie. Not a personal favorite.

#539 onnum theriyAdha pAppA kaNNai adichchALAm (SJ-SPB duet, soorakkOttai singakkutti)
"poor hero's iLamai idhO idhO" Laughing  Nicely orchestrated song for an AVM movie with Prabhu in the mold of SKV but IR probably meant "உனக்கு இதுவே ரொம்ப" Smile

#540 yE alangAri ennai cheeNdAdhEy (SPS-MV duet, rAgangaL mARuvadhillai)
dappAnguththu song from an otherwise polished / sophi album, heard on many channels those days

#541 mAmA manmadhakkunju Laughing (SPS solo, pozhudhu vidinjAchchu)
dappAnguththu song frequently heard on buses, especially country side

#542 dasaradhanin thiru maganai (SJ-MV-DC-Ramesh-Krishanachandar group song, dEvi sridEvi)
This one had many saraNams I had a lot of radio-media time. IIRC, watching this movie was a funny experience - documented in the IR-SPB thread.

#543 vAlibam vAzhga (SJ-SPB duet, dEvi sridEvi)
Director GA got a super song from his aNNan but wasted it. Nevertheless, it was heard frequently on many channels

#544 inRu kAdhal meeRudhu (SPS-MV duet, malargaL nanaiginRana)
Superb misra chApu song from an unreleased movie. This was no longer an issue for a wide reach for IR songs thanks to both IOKS and recording centers. The moment disk got released, 100's of centers around TN used to get it and start catalog-ing and offering to customers those days!

#545 kaNNA vA vA (SJ-PJ duet, malargaL nanaiginRana)
Sweet number, personal favorite from the same album

#546 mArgazhippArvai pArkkavA (SJ-SPB duet, uyirE unakkAga)
I didn't even know the name of the movie (until tfmpage days) but the song was well-known / heard. Another unreleased movie. Few years later, there was a Motherland pictures movie with this title, a big hit - with Nadhiya / Lakshmikanth-Pyarelal MD. 'panneeril nanaindha pookkaL mellachchirikka' was a rage from that album)

Well, 1983 is done. I have 1984 & 1985 (2 more years) to complete and then pass the mantle.


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Re: Counting TFM hits of IR - now @546 and 1983 is done

Post  app_engine on Wed Nov 23, 2016 10:56 pm

Fixed a serial numbering error - so the hit count is as 546, just in TFM, until 1983. (In 8 years).

Here is the chart :

YearCat A (Super Hits)Cat B (Hits)Cat C (Moderate Hits)Year Total
19835624 80
Total so far31316370546


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