Counting TFM hits of IR - now @750 and year 1985 WIP

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Re: Counting TFM hits of IR - now @750 and year 1985 WIP

Post  app_engine on Sat Apr 29, 2017 12:07 am

1985 Super Hits - 5th Installment

#712 ada machcham uLLa (SPS-SJ-TVG-SPB group song, chinna veedu)
V_Sji had done a detailed post in the hub as requested by me in the SPB-IR thread, a song with ton of things happening! Though this movie didn't do like mundhAnai mudichchu, IIRC, probably matched the run of dhAvaNikkanavugaL - or better. In any case, KBR was on the descending bell curve after mundhAnai mudichchu which was the peak!

#713 chittukkuruvi vekkappadudhu (SJ-SPB duet, chinna veedu)
Very popular song and frequently talked about on forums (both for right and wrong reasons Embarassed )

#714 veLLa manam uLLa machchAn (Sunandha - MV duet, chinna veedu)
Sweet number, was heard everywhere those days

#715 jAmam AgippOchchu En mAmA mAmA (KSC-MV duet, chinna veedu)
Another "typical-KBR" song and was frequently played on buses and teakkadais. I've never had a personal copy of this but heard only on such "broadcasts"

#716 chinnappoo chinnappoo (SJ solo, jappAnil kalyANarAman)
One of the two super hit songs from this album...other songs could have become super popular if the movie did better like its prequel.

#717 rAdhE en rAdhE vArAdhE (SJ-Ramesh- Sundarrajan, jappAnil kalyANarAman)
The chipmunk voice was a big novelty at that point of time and this song was heard everywhere those days (possibly mainly for that reason and also being from a KH movie)

#718 ooraiththerinjukkittEn ulagam purinjukkittEn (KJY solo, padikkAdhavan)
The song is popular to this day. Interestingly, there was even a "remake" made by S-G for Visu's samsAram adhu minsAram (MV the singer, spoof?) which was popular as well. There was also a movie made in that name.

#719 solli adippEnadi (SJ-MV duet with chorus, padikkAdhavan)
The whole album was a super hit and so was the movie. By the time the movie came out, I was in Kerala and the movie and songs were popular even there.

#720 oru koottukkiLiyAga (MV solo, padikkAdhavan)
Song for NT who acted as elder brother to Rajini, patti thotti hit

#721 rAjAvukku rAjA nAndA (SPB solo, padikkAdhavan)
Horrible video but the song was popular nevertheless

#722 sOdikkiLi engE sollu sollu (SJ-SPB duet, padikkAdhavan)

Racy duet - especially lovable portion is that "aththa maha rathinamE"

#723 kalaivANiyE unaiththAnE azhaiththEn (KJY, sindhubhairavi)
The ArOhaNam only song. Despite having less cinematic elements (semi-classical), the song was popular everywhere.

#724 nAnoru sindhu kAvadichchindhu (KSC solo, sindhubhairavi)
What a song! One gets goosebumps the moment the solo violin starts (after the initial couple of lines sung by KSC). Evergreen favorite!

#725 pAdaRiyEn padippaRiyEn (KSC solo, sindhubhairavi)
It is quite interesting to see that the female singer got more mileage in an album that was for a movie about a male singer Smile Well, one of the MOST BRILLIANT songs ever in the history of TFM IMHO. Also, one that elevated TN folk to the classic(al) status! Accurately reproducing the swarams before mari mari ninnE in the ending is the benchmark today for winning reality shows Wink

#726 poomAlai vAngi vandhEn pookkaL illaiyE (KJY solo, sindhubhairavi)
patti thotti hit, needs no intro

#727 thaNNiththotti thEdi vandha kannukkutti nAn (KJY solo, sindhubhairavi)
A rare case of Sivakumar excelling on screen, was, this song - he did really well IMHO. All-time-fav number! I haven't included the rest of the SB songs in the "super hit" list even though they also got played along with these numbers in buses and everywhere. That is because those weren't "muNu muNuththufied" by people of all backgrounds to qualify as truly super hit numbers IMO. (i.e. mahA gaNapthim, mari mari ninnE, manadhil uRudhi, mOgam ennum theeyil - all those will get into part B)

There are more super hits (i.e. Part A) from this year 1985 and will try to complete in the next post Smile


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Re: Counting TFM hits of IR - now @750 and year 1985 WIP

Post  app_engine on Fri May 05, 2017 10:26 pm

1985 Super Hits - Last installment

With this post, I'm trying to complete the super hits from this year - but the otherwise hit songs will have to be done (part B) and that'll be the next post.

After that, another volunteer will be necessary to take this thread forward Smile
(Please recall the requirements set in the beginning of the thread - based on them, I don't qualify for the period from 1986 onward, as I didn't live inside TN - though Palakkad is only < 30 miles from the border).

As a help, I will provide spreadsheets for each of the years (from 1986 to 2016, i.e 31 years / spreadsheets) containing all the TF songs, based on Anbu sir's spreadsheet. These will be in the same workbook where I've done the years 1976 to 1985 that can serve as a template.

What's more - I can even highlight some of the songs that I knew as popular (during my trips / otherwise).

I'll also tweet this post to many known IRFs on twitter and solicit volunteers Smile

#728 thuLLi ezhundhadhu pAttu (IR solo, geethAnjali)
Terrific song for a flop movie. While the album was popular, it's possible pAvalar brothers (and distributors) lost a lot with this project.

#729 oru jeevan azhaiththadhu (KSC-IR duet, geethAnjali)
Another huge hit from this album. The song was heard everywhere when the album came out and is still fondly remembered by many. There is also a pathos version.

#730 poovE poochchooda vA (KJY solo - also KSC solo, poovE poochchooda vA)

The movie was such a refreshing change to TF, with Fazil providing a different, even off-beat movie from TN PoV, yet a big mass entertainer! Nadhiya became instant sensation. The song is popular to this day! This was the beginning of yet another talented director in TF who associated with IR for a number of projects!

#731 chinnakkuyil pAdum pAttu kEkkudhA (KSC solo with some chorus, poovE poochchooda vA)
What a song! One that earned KSC that nickname Smile I remember kumudam reviewer praising this song very highly and at the same time did uLkuththu (calling this as a good song in a very long time - nonsense fellow).

#732 pattAsa chuttuchchuttu (KSC and chorus, poovE poochchooda vA)
The whole album was a riot - of course, these got promoted well on vividh bhArathi ads too on radio Embarassed

#733 idhayam oru kOyil (IR / SPB solo, two versions, both with SJ humming, idhaykkOyil)
No intro needed for this #IR_Waltz Smile What's more, this is a case of "compose a melody, write lyrics, orchestrate and sing" - total IR-package Smile There are many who feel his version is as good as, if not superior to, the SPB version.

#734 oorOramA Aththuppakkam thennanthOppu (KSC - IR duet with chorus, idhayakkOyil)
The album that marked the end of a glorious collaboration between IR and Kovaiththambi, the producer who did all those "IlayairAjAvin innisai mazhaiyil" posters for his Motherland Pictures movies Sad Per one of his recent interviews, he was upset with the extravagance of the director (Money Ratnam) and showed his displeasure by getting angry at IR Laughing May be IR "promoted" MR those days and asked the producer to sign up a newbie director (with great potential, not based on pagal nilavu but based on his first Kannada movie) for this project.

#735 koottaththilE kOyil puRA (SPB solo, idhayakkOyil)
Motherland pictures "regular", Mohan was in the project with his mike. All songs were patti-thotti-citi hit.

#736 nAn pAdum mouna rAgam (SPB solo, idhayakkOyil)
The only VM song in the IR-MR koottaNi albums, that were trend setters in a time period. Though MR credits VM for his next movie's title (based on this song), he didn't let him write even one song for that project Laughing It was a 100% Vaali show - even though VM was still working with IR. Another thing to be noted - VM is not the first ever person to use this "mouna rAgam" term as some would like to believe. At the minimum, I've heard it in the Telugu dubbed version of dharma yudhdham song (AgAya gangai I think). Also, the concept had been there for years, even in TF (not sure about Litt). Something like "mounamE pArvAiyAy oru pAttuppAda vENdum" is an old PBS song. There was this KBR movie "mouna geethangaL" years before this etc.

#737 pAttuththalaivan pAdinAl pAttuththAn (SJ-SPB duet, idhayakkOyil)
MP movies always featured SJ-SPB duets and each of them were immensely popular. This was no exception. However, in my personal opinion, the duets of IK weren't of the same quality as prior MP ones Embarassed

#738 yAr veettil rOjA poo pooththadhO (SPB solo, idhayakkOyil)
Song with some fear-inspiring interludes / call-responses in the ending pallavi that inform a listener about something terrible happening on screen.

#739 vAnuyarndha sOlaiyilE (SPB solo with SJ humming, idhayakkOyil)
Some eeriness with the humming Embarassed pAdal varigaL credited to pAvalar Varadharajan, IR's elder brother.

#740 mAlaikkarukkalil sOlaikkarunguyil (SJ-KJY duet, also a pathos SJ solo, neethiyin maRupakkam)
Fantastic song and a big hit from a not-well-known movie.

#741 adhikAlai subhavELai un Olai vandhadhu (SJ-KJY duet, natpu)
Never had a personal copy but heard this song 100's of times on buses and other public places! Especially during night travels Smile

#742 ennammA kaNNu sowkyamA (MV-SPB duet, Mr Bharath)
Rajini-Sathyaraj (playing son-father) and the song has a terrific prelude (after the initial ennammA kaNNu-sollammA kaNNu, the typical loLLu language of Sathyaraj). I think this song got remixed in recent times for Rajini's son-in-law.

#743 kAthirundhEn kadhavaththoRandhu uLLukkuL vAdi (SJ-SPB duet, Mr Bharath)
Comedy picturization for a sweet song. (Rajini-Ambi chEchi dance inside a refrigerator Laughing ). patti-thotti hit, of course.

#744 aththi marappoovidhu (SJ solo, sAdhanai)
This album got promoted well - there were ads on radio frequently with a clip of this song, telling people about IR doing some NI style music Embarassed Well, the album was quite popular but not sure if the movie did well or not. (Another case of NT promoting Prabhu).

#745 engE nAn kANbEn (VJ-MV duet, sAdhanai)

By this time, MV had been accepted as the regular voice for NT (remember this movie came much after mudhal mariyAdhai) and this song got played frequently in buses and recording centers, per my recall

#746 O vAnampAdi unnai nAdi (SJ-SPB duet, sAdhanai)
Sweet #IR_Waltz and a big hit those days, featured in MP3 collections even currently!

#747 nAn pooveduththu vaikkaNum pinnAla (SJ-SPB duet, nAnum oru thozhilALi)
As discussed in the IR-SPB thread of the hub, this movie was in production for a while and eventually got released in 1986 by Sridhar. In Kerala, the title was 'meeNdum sooryOdhayam' but could not use it in TN because of politics - that too with MGR ailing Laughing. This song was a patti-thotti hit and I heard it 100's of times on buses alone! For those who have not read the discussion on this movie / songs in the IR-SPB thread, please rush to the hub and read all the posts. Lot of interesting stuff there Wink

#748  sembaruththippoovE singAram kaNdu (SJ-SPB duet, nAnum oru thozhilALi)
Not a fav. for me Embarassed The song was big hit, however, even in Palakkad

#749 pattuppoovE unnaippArththAl (SPB solo, nAnum oru thozhilALi)
The whole album was very popular even though the movie was a disaster. Per Murali sir's post in the hub, Sridhar was "making" it from 1981 onward and it was advertised as the first movie for KH-Ambi chEchi combo Laughing

#750 oru nilavum malarum nadanam puriyum (SJ-SPB duet, nAnum oru thozhilALi)
Quintessential example for a "racy" duet Smile

We are now done with the super hits of this year...will come back with the other hits next.


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Re: Counting TFM hits of IR - now @750 and year 1985 WIP

Post  app_engine on Thu Jun 29, 2017 6:23 am

I'll have to reconstruct my spreadsheet for all the years already done Embarassed
(Problem of not backing up and losing the original spreadsheet)...

Well, it will be some more days before I revive and complete the year 1985 Sad


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