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Post  crimson king on Tue May 16, 2017 7:03 pm

ravinat wrote:I saw the movie 'Kaatru Veliyidai' and this is not about the movie. Nor is it about the songs. It is about the BG Score.

I could clearly identify AR reusing 'Ay Hairatein' from Guru and the 'Nahin Samne' from Taal in the BG Score.

This is not to allege that he is recycling somebody's tunes. After all, it is his own tunes. However, for a composer who is held so high among the masses, this is not very encouraging.

Does he run out of ideas as he has given all his energies to the songs for his mentor?

I expect something better than this from AR. Not that the BG Score was great. At least, he should not recycle.

He must remember one more thing. When KB's men tried to recycle the old KB movie tunes to PPA, Ilayaraja got inflamed and that drove the wedge between these two biggies, which resulted in AR's rise.

He must at least learn a lesson not to recycle BG Scores with old tunes. That brings him down by several notches.

I would say he has already brought himself down several notches by allowing the Baadshah remix of Humma to pass.  What's the point in coming out later and saying it wasn't his creation and he wouldn't have done it this way?  From the time I heard that remix, I stopped being a fan of his (which was already difficult with his veiled violin/tabla English illiterate man slights at IR). I mean, I can't stop liking songs of his that I already do but I wouldn't tell anybody that I am a fan of ARR, not anymore.

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